Studio Classes - Watercolor Sketchbook Tuesdays

august plein air & september Studio classes

Whether you are brand new and never picked up a brush before, or haven't in a long time and need a refresher course; or you're stretching your skills to the next level, there's a spot for you here with me! If you currently paint in another medium or style, come see how this will enhance your skill set. Contact me if you're unsure if this is for you.  Come join one of our classes! Contact me to reserve your spot!  Supply list sent once you sign up for the class.  please note- the plein air class is not for brand-new beginners. If you’ve had any of my classes before, you’ll be fine. Otherwise, hold out for the studio classes in September! **Studio classes are appropriate for brand-new beginners through intermediate skill levels & beyond.

Here we’ve played with page layout to make our plein air sketchbook page quite fun and meaningful with some personal notes.

Here we’ve played with page layout to make our plein air sketchbook page quite fun and meaningful with some personal notes.

Tuesday Mornings - Watercolor sketchbook style- Plein air August!

9:30am- noon

$150 for 6 weeks or $35 for drop-in (if space is available):

We’re outside the whole time for this one…unless it is pouring rain, then we’ll find an alternative ‘urban sketching’ location indoors. This is for my students who’ve had at least one round of my six week sessions. It’s the perfect thing to take all that experience out into the great outdoors. I’ve taught you to mix greens, lively darks, simplify perspective to make that house or building ‘stand up’ with no wonky windows, add people to your scene. This class is the perfect opportunity to put all that into practice. Your watercolor sketchbook is the perfect vehicle for that! Once you discover the joy of painting out in the great wide open…you’ll find that painting from photos just isn’t quite the same thing.! You’ll begin to see and experience life in a whole new way….sitting outside, observing, breathing, taking it all in, drawing, and painting. It’s like yoga for your brain.

Supply list sent once you’ve registered.

******* Dates for this session are: August 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th, and September 3rd, and 10th. There is still room for some drop-ins, so contact me (via email or phone) if you’d like to be included on the specific mailing list for this class!

How to populate your scenes, with our “carrot people” lesson.

How to populate your scenes, with our “carrot people” lesson.

Tuesday Mornings - watercolor sketchbook -studio classes in september

9:30am - 12:30pm

$150 for 6 weeks or $35 for drop-in (if space is available)

Have you been wanting to learn to paint? Have you already started painting, and want to continue to build your skill muscles? This class is for you!

We’ll be in my studio, covering topics like “the secret to watercolor”, page design, textures, using three colors to mix what you need, perspective in a landscape, populating your landscapes with people; and more! In some cases we’ll work from life (florals) and other instances we’ll work from photos (mine or yours). Using your watercolor sketchbooks to expand your skills is one of those life-long satisfying things…. (just ask one of my students- I love seeing what they’ve accomplished!!). Even if you haven’t drawn since Miss Gulch’s class in the third grade, I can teach you!!!

I LOVE seeing the progress that every one makes in here. I created this curriculum four years ago, and it really works. I’m so excited to get you started on YOUR creative journey, and nurture you along the way! Supply list sent once you’ve registered.

******* Here are the dates: September 17th, 24th, October 1st, 8th, 15th, and 22nd. Limited space in my studio, contact me to book your space!