Second Chances and Obsessions!


I've always believed in 'second chances' - that there is a reason for them.  This one is particularly wonderful as it is YOUR second chance to take part in my Watercolor Sketchboook class in France next summer.  The first session from June 1-10 SOLD OUT quickly! And- there were still people wanting to sign up! So - Lisa Statkus has booked me for a second session from June 15th - 24, 2019.  There IS an 'early-bird' special price again through July 7th - that's tomorrow (Saturday)!.  So if you were disappointed by missing out on the first trip, this is YOUR second chance! Now this second trip is half-filled, so you'll definitely want to claim your space, and pronto!  Here's where to join in on the fun: 


Speaking of obsessions, we were talking about this in my studio classes yesterday! (ooh la la!).  Actually, one of the ladies was saying, "I have just become OBSESSED with watercolor"!! I couldn't help but giggle as she went on, "I watch youtube videos every night, and then go shopping on Amazon for new supplies to try".  

And of course I said, "I do the same thing!!!" By then we were all giggling, as we each have our own obsession with this medium and spend at least some time doing these same things! (and was I proud of 'my clan of fellow painters'!!! It has been my great pleasure to see all their hard work paying off - they are learning so much and making some wonderful sketchbook art this summer! 

My other secret (okay, not so secret) obsession is France.  I've been really wanting to get back there again....practicing my French on the Duolingo website every night. I'm hoping I can speak at least a little bit and practice my new language skills while I'm over there next summer.  But the painting....oh my, I can't wait to bring my watercolors along and paint!  I do hope you'll join us - there's a spot for you right now! 

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