There's Gonna Be A Celebration!

There's Gonna Be A Celebration! 5"x5"x1.5" Finished with a protective UV varnish, and ready to hang or display.  Available here. 

There's Gonna Be A Celebration.jpg

Our family has exciting news- my daughter is getting married this October! Her twin was married 2 years ago, and it was a wonderful celebration...and now I feel like this 'mother of the bride' has good planning experience (go ahead, ask me anything!).  In actuality, both our daughters are quite the good event planners. I haven't had to do that much.  I feel especially lucky that I get to have 2 sons now!! Last Christmas both daughters were home with their 'significant others' - and it was such a delight to have these young men in the kitchen with me, helping prepare for a Christmas dinner celebration with family and friends! The girls were entertaining in the living room and the guys were helping in major ways with food prep in the kitchen! (I tell you- I am super lucky!).  I am especially happy to see these young people in love, and know that they are part of our growing family.  Hey, "There's gonna be a celebration"!!! Celebrate your loved ones every day, never let the sun rise or set without telling them, "I love you".