Ways To Say I Love You

"This Time He's Certain", oil on gallery wrapped canvas, sides are painted, 18"x18"x1"

This Time He's Certain, 18%22x18%22x1%22 (1).jpg

I've been working on a series of floral paintings I'm calling, "Ways To Say I Love You" for those of us who find that words never seem like enough.  How many times have you thought, "I wish I could of thought to say 'that'" (what ever 'that' might have been).  Especially when it comes to finding those words for the one we love the most.  

My hubby is so supportive of my art career, always has been. I'm eternally grateful. So it's with him in mind that I paint these, but I'm reckoning there are several of you out there who may feel the same way.  

A year ago when I embarked on my umpteenth attempt at trying to get healthier, and lose some weight,  (so I could breathe easier, and walk with out getting tired, winded, and achy joints)....I began yet another eating regimen.  Both my husband and I needed to go that route, but so far, nothing had worked. For me, the three pound yoyo was all I could muster, three pounds down, three (or four) pound up. Eventually the up side was winning...certainly not my intention.  He was willing to eat whatever I ate, vegan, vegetarian, Mediterranean,  hi-carb, lo-carb, weight-watchers, counting points, you name it, we tried it. (Although it was somewhat half-hearted for me, as I couldn't break the 'sugar binge', and that feeling that I was frequently hungry.  

The big change came last April, as I described in my previous post.  Again, my hubby willingly followed me on this eating adventure. Funny thing was though, that this time - things were different.  The healthy fats we had added in kept us from feeling hungry! I was satisfied with what I ate at mealtime, so I found I was no longer doing the mid-afternoon and late night foraging in the pantry! I allowed myself some 'treats' on the weekend, that I didn't eat during the rest of the week.  That helped me to see that I could live without some of the stuff that I had been indulging in (in rather big quantities and frequently).  Every once in a while I break the 'weekends only' treat rule, ie, if I am traveling out of town, and enjoying a meal with another artist (like I did at Plein Air Convention in Santa Fe last week).  But I don't go crazy, nor do I make a big deal out of it.  I just go back to eating my normal 'routine'.  In the last post I told you what I normally have for breakfast, for lunch, I usually have a big salad- but WITH MEAT or a protein of some kind.  I do watch the portion sizes on how much meat. But I don't weigh it out.  It's said that a quarter pound of meat is about the size of a deck of cards.  So I use that as a guideline and it does seem to work for me.  At first I wondered if that would be enough, but it certainly has been ever since.  So for that portion size of meat (chicken, pork or beef), I use twice as many vegetables - and vary them all up; crunchy greens, cauliflower, carrot slivers, nice big hunks of avocado, small tomatoes, pumpkin seeds, mushrooms, if I have leftover veggies from the dinner the day before.

Now what does this have to do with art, you may ask?  Everything, the way we feel when we get up everyday, is how we end up expressing our life!! I am happier than I've been in a couple years, simply because I feel better!! Am I grateful for my hubby sticking with me on our health journey? Heck yeah! (even though he's way ahead of me - we've kept encouraging each other).  When I feel better, there's a lightness in my bones that has been lacking for about the last ten years! What a relief!  I can walk farther, paint longer, and all of that! 

I love my hubby, Ron - he's my rock. But I'm happy with my self, too. Never lose weight for someone else, do it for yourself, so that you'll feel better, be able to spend more time with those you care about. As an artist, I find that when I do feel good, I'm excited about what I'm painting!

I'm so excited about these luscious florals, and have been looking forward to sharing them with you!! I'm opening the store (tomorrow as I write this) Wednesday the 25th, at 11am, EST.   So I'm hoping you'll find this series as meaningful, and as happy as it's made me!  I hope you are able to buy your favorite before it's gone!! These flowers will never fade, but like the flower market, you want to get there early when the selection is best! 

Take good care of yourself, dear ones. You are incredibly loved, so be sure to love yourself, treat yourself like the treasure you really are from the inside to the outside! 

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