Watercolor Sketchbook art in Ireland this Summer!


My dear friend Barbara Mastaglio has lived on Valentia Island, off the west coast of Ireland, for over fifteen years now.  She's been sponsoring workshops and retreats for over ten years at this point.    I was lucky enough to be there with a group of our mutual friends for her very first retreat.  What a very special, life-changing trip that was. It deeply bonded our friendships within our group.  We got to paint in a location new to us, with a host who had lived there long enough to know the 'magic of the place'.  We were in a foreign country, yet knew the language.... it was spoken with a musical lilt....and everyone was so friendly.  There are a few places in this world that truly enchant us, this is one of them.  I've been lucky enough to return at least ten times (I think I've finally lost count!).

I've taught there three previous years already, and this year will return to teach Watercolor Sketchbook Journaling.  It's such an accessible medium, whether you are brand new or are an experienced painter in another medium, I've had the joy of bringing this art form to many others - who love it!  Even if you haven't drawn or painted anything since grade school, I can teach you!  If you're already an experienced artist, I'd love to show you how you can make this medium be part of your process, perhaps lightening your load when you want to travel and paint.   Most of all, I want to share this experience of learning new things in an amazing environment.  

I'm inviting you to join us for my Watercolor Sketchbook, paint and tour experience.  Each day we have a morning demo at the cottage of our host, Barbara Mastaglio. The view overlooks the Atlantic Ocean with Skellig Michael and Little Skellig just out there beyond the Kerry Cliffs. After our demo, we have a morning location to tour and paint, and after lunch we are at another location.  On one of the days (weather permitting, ie no high seas) we take a boat out to Skellig Michael, a UNESCO World Heritage site - this is not to be missed.  

Our home base is a B&B on Valentia Island, and we visit the surrounding areas.  There are castle ruins, ring forts, manor houses, local pubs and beautiful street scenes, fishing villages, rolling hills with cattle and sheep, ancient standing stones, and breath-taking cliff views. Each visit, we find a new place to explore...as well as keep old favorites (such as Skellig Chocolate Factory) on our agenda.  Non-painting spouses are welcomed to join us. We currently have a couple spaces that have come available. 

Our dates are August 12-19th.  Arrange your flights to leave on Saturday the 11th, and arrive early Sunday morning on the 12th.  Ground transportation is provided from Shannon Airport to Valentia Island, as well as during our stay there, getting us as a group to all our painting locations.  We are returned to Shannon airport on Sunday morning to say our farewells, OR as many of us have done, added on a day in the town of Bunratty before heading home on Monday afternoon.  

For more details go to the 'retreat' link at the top navigation bar, or click here. We have a couple spaces left - and one of them is for you!


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