30 paintings in 30 days Day 4 - Love Letters in the Air


Montbresia bloom in the west of Ireland in mid-late July through August. Big red hedges of these flowers, and long lime green leaves (sort of resembling gladiolas, but sturdier).  The wildflowers I've seen over there never cease to amaze me, and are a large part of my visual memory of the place. Orange-red flowers grow up along a long spike and the wind makes them bob and dance among the greens. After seeing them the first time, I came right home and planted some in our yard. The hummingbirds LOVE them!  Could you ever write a love letter to a place? Maybe it would exist in a journal, never being sent, but read over and over - memories of color, sound, and visual beauty. Why are we drawn to certain places and not others?  I'm finding abstract painting has a way of answering those questions. 

 This piece was started with handmade paper in the colors of the Irish flag and sheet music collaged on the panel, then many layers of paint on top. Brush strokes resembling the wind tossed blossoms of wild Montbresia.   Lots of yummy surface texture.