30 paintings in 30 days Day 7 - "Purple and Yellow"

Purple and Yellow, ACEO.jpgPurple

I've been spending more time on the phone than on the computer.  My mom doesn't "do" computers, but she does "phone" quite well.  For being 85  years old, that's enough I guess. She is still living in Central Florida, where I grew up.  She now in a 'retirement village' senior independent living kind of place and really does love it there. I love her being there, too. With Hurricane Irma bearing down on the state of Florida as I write this, I am grateful she is in a familiar place, that is safe, and prepared for what may come.  And she is with friends.  This has been the hardest thing for me.   She wanted to stay put, and as I saw that they were not under evacuation orders I relented. Then of course, every flight sold out before I could make any further insistence to bring her to the safety of New England. So I've painted some small paintings over the last few days, but spent time on the phone with mom rather than blogging. I kind of knew you'd understand!  


This one is up for bid in my newly re-opened Ebay Store.  I had an ebay store back before the recession, and loved it.  Recently made the decision that I'd sell all my small paintings myself, through that venue. My large paintings are still in galleries locally and online (UGallery) and my own studio gallery. 


This is one of those small 'trading card' sized paintings that are known as ACEOs on Ebay.   ACEO stands for Art Card Editions and Originals - and are tiny paintings 3.5" x 2.5".  I've seen some truly lovely ones! One of my collectors has a collection that she keeps in a beautiful carved box on her living room coffee table. She calls it her 'treasure chest' of  small original art. She shows them to her grandchildren and lets them hold and wonder at these pieces. What a lovely way to teach children to appreciate art.  I was delighted by her stories! Some of my collectors frame these with elaborate mats and frames - and have bought (floral) sets that  go well together on a wall. Another truly beautiful, classic way to display these.  They make wonderful gifts (for yourself or others!).  Tiny but powerful and sweet!

Purple and Yellow, ACEO detail.jpg