Sun Salutations

Sun Salutations


Ah - don’t these flowers feel so good in brilliant sunlight? Art is like yoga for our brains.

I’m channeling the Florida days of my childhood, and remembering all the beautiful warmth of this place…central Florida, brilliant sun that fades and sun-bleaches all the brilliant turquoise, peach and lime green colors to a soft fade. Warm to my bones, hot enough to swim in cool water. So I bring these to my winters up here in Connecticut. It’s my beautiful survival method until I can return and soak up the warmth again. Florida is where I spent all my growing up years, and on into college and young adult life.

This is one from my Florida inspired series of paintings. I can’t wait for you to enjoy this in your home!

This one is created on 140lb cold press watercolor paper with acrylics and pencils. . It measures 4” tall by 6” wide and is finished with a coat of UV protective varnish. Art on paper is best suited for matting and framing under glass.

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